Cloud Based OCR

(Of digital data) stored, managed, and processed on a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet, rather than on local servers or personal computers.

Test which online OCR service fits best for your project Upload your image, select the OCR engine to test (Google Cloud Vision OCR, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Computer Vision API, and then assess the recognition quality yourself with the overlay.

Cloud-based computing (also called Software as a Service, or SaaS) allows users access to software applications that run on shared computing resources (for example, processing power, memory, and disk storage) via the Internet.

OCR has come a long way in recent years and as we further digitize our information, its life expectancy is increasing. We can make OCR documents with many different methodologies and have licenses for many of the leading OCR technologies such as PaperNIC, ABBYY, Nuance and OpenText. We can run tests on your documents to determine which of these software programs gives you the best results.

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